Dium Product-Market Fit Framework

How to find product-market fit? This is probably the most critical question that needs to be answered for any business idea. If you cant find a product-market fit, then your business will fail. You cant make money if no one wants your product.

Product-Market Fit Framework

At Dium, we created the Product-Market Fit framework to pair with the Product-Market Fit Engine that is used by Rahul Vohra, the CEO of Superhuman. The Product-Market Fit Engine is a process based on a survey that Superhuman sends out to their users in order to gauge their product-market fit. By following the 6 steps that are listed in the framework, you will be guided through how to use the Product-Market Fit Engine. The Value Proposition List and Objection List sections are there to help you keep track of the key pieces of data that the Product-Market Fit Engine will help you uncover. The other sections are there for you to take the key pieces of data from the Product-Market Fit Engine and to help you relate it to your customer profiles, bridges, and your product/service.

By using the Product-Market Fit framework repeatedly throughout your journey through the Venture Stage of your business, you will be able to come up with a feature roadmap that leads you to a high product-market fit so that you don’t waste your time on “bells and whistles” that no one wants to pay for.

“It [the Product-Market Fit Engine] gives you a way to define product-market fit, it gives you a metric to measure product-market fit, it gives you a methodology to systematically increase product-market fit, and it can even automatically generate your roadmap for you” - Rahul Vohra, CEO of Superhuman

Additional Resources

- Rahul presenting the Product-Market Fit Engine during Launch Scale Event, hosted by This Week in Startups (TWist) https://youtu.be/19WpIbBhxJU?t=205

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