About Us

We are a team of entrepreneurs who are fed up with how fragmented business guidance and resources are, and how overwhelming it is for new entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into businesses. We are creating a hub for resources, guidance, and reducing the process to its simplest form.

Business building does not have to be overwhelming.


To provide all entrepreneurs the resources, guidance, and community they need to easily bring their visions to life.


To create a entrepreneur community that is brought together through humility, learning, and ambition.

Our Team

Cody Jung

Cody Jung


  • Founder Mentor

  • Micro-investor with 1 unicorn

  • 1x Startup Founder

Kiran Panjwani

Kiran Panjwani

Assistant Manager

  • Build curriculum for a national incubator

  • Startup Advisor

  • Startup investor

  • 2x Startup Founder

Kurt Rauffer

Kurt Rauffer


  • Product design at Google, Microsoft, and Meta

  • Creative Director & Animator for Life Noggin